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Effective management of payroll is key to fulfilling regulatory requirements and maintaining healthy employer-employee relationship. With onboarding of more employees as a business grows, the payroll administrative duties correspondingly increases. The management of payroll is further complicated by the updates to local regulation and variable components that complicates the computation and processing of payroll.


At Assuridge, we provide a cost effective, timely and efficient payroll processing service in accordance with your company’s payroll polices and compliance with Singapore’s legislation and regulations.

Payroll & HR


Per headcount

Additional Services you may require

National Service Make-Up Pay claim
- Government-Paid Child Care Leave (GPCL) & Extended Child Care Leave (ECL)
- Application/renewal of Work Pass / S Pass / Employment Pass

Payroll package includes:
- Computation of salary, CPF and other deductions
- Generating of payslips
- CPF e-submission
- Preparation of IR8A/IR21


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